Modular and Custom Millwork Installation Services

We provide the highest quality craftsmanship and professionalism on each project. From simple case work and frameless cabinet systems to custom wood finished goods for trims, crowns and even 3D wall and ceiling systems. Our knowledgeable and experienced team consistently works to exceed expectations and bring meticulous detail to their craft ensuring the highest quality install. We can meet the highest AWI premium installation standards for millwork. In addition, we often find ourselves working collaboratively with data and electrical contractors to improve the integrated approach to upgrading your space with minimal interruptions. Importantly, these solutions can be completed overnight to eliminate store downtime and minimize consumer or store impact.

Our knowledgeable and professional installers are sensitive to working safety and offer a broad range of millwork installation services for all types of retail and commercial projects across the U.S. and Canada. Whether your project is for a single location or a national roll-out, our team of installation professional will bring your modular or custom millwork space to life.

Flexecution also goes the extra mile to deliver peace of mind to our customers by providing transportation and warehouse solutions.

Installation Services Include:

  • Delivery and Receiving
  • Built-in Millwork Units
  • Site Surveys
  • Modular Millwork Assemblies
  • Wall Fixtures/Shelving
  • Prefabricated Casework Installation
  • Cabinets and Countertops
  • Kiosk, Pop-ups, and Shop-in-Shop
  • Custom Millwork
  • Decommissioning and Storage

A Word From The Flexecution Team

“Large scale millwork projects are a constant challenge due to various outside variables like other trades or manufacturers. Being able to adapt to a constant environment of change and able to facilitate schedule changes to ensure that we hit the completion date and target budget is most appreciated by our customers. Our goal is regardless of the issues we run into, we will always think critically to help complete and solve any problem that we encounter and finish the job on time.”

- Flexecution Project Manager, Team Member