The Flexecution Project Management Difference

Our Project Management & Project Coordinator teams are structured and based upon industry standards coinciding with experiential training of the Executive Leaderships combined strengths.  We believe in constant development and training to raise our level of communication and retail execution performance.  Our PM’s have very strong business, analytical, construction systems and manufacturing knowledge and we work to enhance these skills to a professional level and understanding.  Through live training and servant leadership modeling, we demonstrate how to better evaluate a customer’s needs and parallel them to Flexecution’s capabilities, to create a strategic solution that meets all of the stake holders requirements.  We create installation playbooks that define standards, methods and strategies that deliver professional results.  These Playbooks are translated from details, architectural plans and manufacturers documents into a “How To” installation process tool that is built to capture our customers’ expectations.
Our PM’s & PC’s partner with Executive Leadership to make sure we deliver excellence at every step of your project.  The assigned PM is the leader of all Flexecution teams.  We expand the PC support when the program /projects grow in scale, complexity and volume.  PC’s work directly with the PM teams and are responsible to support them, the field teams and any additional customer requirements they are assigned.  This allows for a defined and consistent approach to managing your projects and a dedicated team that sets and delivers expectations with the field teams.  Through daily status and planning reviews with all team members, we are able to deliver the best practices for our clients projects. 
Think of our PM’s & PC’s as your internal teammates who are dedicated to making your project run smoothly and consistently from start to successful finish.  

Flexecution Teams management

What we believe:

  • Honest and collaborative spirit with all teams.
  • Professional results derived from perseverance through every project.
  • Resourceful and focused strategies of execution.
  • Humbleness with responsibility to deliver successful results
  • Family focused; community driven with a spirit of philanthropy to make a difference. 
  • R-PACT and what it means to Flexecute!